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Grease Trap Cleaning West Palm Beach, Fl

When it comes to grease traps, you don't want your kitchen or processing environment clogged with grime. You need a company that will take care of all the dirty work for you and has this common but complex process under control in no time. Trusting our experts at West Palm Beach Grease Trap Pumping & Cleaning Services Inc., we'll get rid of any contaminants so they do not come back up through drains and into septic systems or municipal lines-keeping them out is what counts!


Grease Trap Cleaning for Businesses

Grease trap cleaning is a necessary but often overlooked part of being an effective restaurant owner. A grease trap, also known as a sewer interceptor, functions by trapping the greasy substances that are released from food or other sources before they can enter pipes and contaminate our water supply. Unfortunately for some restaurants owners who don't regularly maintain their traps, it's not uncommon to find blockages caused by debris such as hair and cooking oil residues in them which will likely result in expensive repairs under normal circumstances when left unchecked because this clogging could eventually lead to sewage spills into your business! In order keep up with regular maintenance make sure you know what size system you have installed at your establishment so that we may help determine how frequently service should be scheduled


A visit from our team of expert technicians will help you get the most out of your grease trap. We'll come to your site, inspect and clean it at no cost for now so that we can make sure everything is in working order before setting up a schedule with us!



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The dangers of a blocked grease trap


Your kitchen needs to be running at peak performance, which by itself is no easy task. Add in the ingredients for potentially hundreds of pounds worth of fines and wasted food due to operating without proper maintenance and you can see why it's important that your grease traps are pumped regularly. Get an estimate from us today before these issues develop



There are many ways to enjoy greasy food. But there is one thing that everyone can agree on: Grease traps are gross and smelly!

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Grease trap cleaning at the end of your shift leaves you with a nasty, stinky mess all over your kitchen floor. It's time-consuming, too - who has an hour or more after they close their restaurant? Add in a clogged drain from grease buildup, which makes it impossible for staff to wash dishes or prepare new meals without risk of fines due to contamination concerns. Even if you don't get fined by county inspectors when health violations come up during inspections (which could lead to business closure), customers will still choose not to go near the place because it smells so bad inside.



Grease traps are a necessary part of any foodservice business. They help to not only keep your kitchen and establishment clean, but also protect you from losing customers due to unpleasant odors or health risks associated with the improper maintenance of grease traps. Greases trap cleaning is an important step in maintaining a healthy and sanitary environment for both staff members as well as patrons who enter into your dining area on occasion- don't risk their safety by failing to get yours cleaned today!


Most reliable grease trap service

Our highly trained technicians are ready to inspect and clean grease traps of all sizes. You can rely on us for environmentally friendly, efficient cleaning methods that will make sure you're in compliance with local laws and keep your business running smoothly. With regular inspections by our team, we'll help ensure your wastewater is free-flowing!

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