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Houston's septic systems are essential to the health of our homes and businesses. A leach field is one of the most critical components for removing waste, preventing contamination, and eliminating foul odors. If you need a new system or regular maintenance on your existing system, call in experts from Septic Tank West Palm Beach today!


A septic tank is crucial in the wastewater treatment process because it separates organic waste from solids, and prepares for further processing. After doing its job of breaking down contaminants into sludge, a leach field takes over to distribute this water and filter out any harmful particles before releasing them back into the environment. A poorly constructed system can cause blockages or pooling which would be detrimental to both humans who are nearby as well as wildlife populations that depend on clean groundwater sources


You may be thinking about installing a new leach field or replacing one that has already been in use for years. A Leach Field is an underground installation intended to manage the flow of water after rain events and snowmelt so it does not seep into groundwater supplies and contaminate drinking water sources. We offer turnkey solutions from design through construction, ensuring full compliance with local codes as well as environmental considerations such as slope stability at your property location which can impact how much soil needs to be removed during excavation.


The best way to ensure a long-lasting leach field is through the use of our innovative and thoughtful design process. Our experts will meet with you one on one in order to get your input, as well as answer any questions that may come up during this meeting.


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A septic system is not all that different from your home plumbing. In fact, the leach field functions in a way very similar to how pipes drain away wastewater into an underground reservoir for treatment before it's released back through the pipe and out of your faucet. However, unlike at home where you can see problems arise and fix them as they go wrong with little effort or cost involved (such as replacing a leaky valve), if something goes awry on our property we may be faced with costly repairs—or worse yet—a catastrophic failure! Thankfully there are signs that will warn us ahead of time so we know what needs to be fixed well before things get too bad - like when trees begin dropping their leaves over parts of



Did you know that, if the leach field is not working as intended, it can lead to your septic system backing up or draining slow? If water pools around this area and other parts of your plumbing are experiencing similar issues, then there may be a problem.

The good news: our team will repair any problems with the leech fields so they work properly again!


If you need a leach field installed for your new home, if you want to expand an existing system, or even if it's just time for inspection on the one that is already in place- give septic tank west palm a call. We offer affordable and environmentally friendly services with high standards of compliance. Get your free estimate today!


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